The DCT and Human Consciousness

The double coil technology works by sending identical electrical currents in opposite directions through a pair of parallel coils. See article: The Double Coil Technology.

One of the effects that is clearly apparent is the change that occurs in all sounds that exist within the field. In order to establish the validity of this claim we conducted two experiments.

1. We played a short passage of music using top quality Hi Fi equipment and switched the device on and off. Alternatively we played a few notes on an acoustic guitar. Our sample of listeners numbered well over a hundred participants and the success rate was around 95%. This required the listener to not only detect the difference but to describe it in detail. What we were expecting was that the music was more harmonic and richer, notes seem to last longer with an increase in reverberation. Overall the sound was much more pleasant and engaging.
2. Using studio quality recording equipment we recorded sound bites with the device on and off. All recordings were conducted at 24bit and 192kHz. The two recordings were then digitally subtracted and the resulting signal analysed. The amazing conclusion (after months of trials) was that there was no significant measurable difference.
Our conclusion was therefore, that the sound and its transmission are not actually being affected; what IS changing is our perception. At first we were left dejected by our findings as we were absolutely sure the effect was easily large enough to be recorded and hence quantitatively verified. However, after a while it began to dawn on us that we were opening up a completely new field of research which sat at the heart of Human Consciousness. We urge any of you that have the DCT machines to explore this new avenue of enquiry and to share any results with us using the Contact Page.

Suggested experiments would include:
Monitoring sleep quantities and patterns.
To see if the field affects concentration and meditation.
To measure any effect on mental abilities.