The Truth about our Senses

The way we generally think about our senses is completely wrong!
For example, light and sound are considered as external energies that are perceived by means of our eyes and ears.

Let us consider the mechanism of seeing. Light, we understand, is composed of tiny photons of energy. These pass through the pupil/lens of our eyes and eventually strike the retina. The retina is sensitive to photons within a specific range of frequencies which we know as a colour spectrum. The lowest frequency being red and the highest violet, as in a rainbow.

The cells in the retina then generate tiny electrical impulses which are transmitted along the optic nerve to our brain. So the energy we detect is actually electrical. At this point science begins to struggle! Somehow the electrical signals that enter the brain are converted into an experience we call light. Furthermore the light appears to be outside us!

We can refer to this as consciousness and apply the same reasoning to our other senses. This means that all sounds are in fact created by us along with smell, taste and touch. We as humans are bombarded with stimuli which we transmute by means of complex biological mechanisms.

To further support our argument, consider dreams. In dreams we are conscious of light and sounds along with the other three senses. The light we see and the sounds are clearly not physical as sleep usually occurs in a dark quiet room! We therefore must, in some way, be generating these energies and experiences but (in this case) without the need of external stimuli.

This means that the World we inhabit is dark, silent and devoid of any fragrances. Roses do not smell – their fragrance is within us. We were born with this potential – just waiting for a “few” molecules (as low as 5 parts per billion) of rose vapour to enter our nose and trigger the sensation!

In conclusion, we are the creators of our own reality.