Coherence in Electricity


The phenomena of coherence in Light is well documented and understood. Photons have random phase differences and therefore do not produce observable interference patterns.

However, this effect also exists in electricity!

When an electrical signal of a particular frequency is applied to a double coil perfect cancellation of the electromagnetic signal occurs. As with light this cannot be achieved with 2 separate sources. the double coil is constructed from winding one peice of wire folded in two. Current then flows clockwise in one coil and anticlockwise in the other.

This perfect cancellation results in a change in human Consciousness and can be demonstrated by listening to music. When the coil is activated at particular frequencies such as 7.83 Hz (Schumann) and 432 Hz (the A above middle C, preferred by many musicians) music sounds more mellow and emotional.

We have spent a number of years trying to capture this difference with sophisticated recording equipment and failed completely even though it was obvious to the listeners. The only conclusion is that an Energy field was created that in some way affected human Consciousness. The field did not obey the Laws of Physics. The power used to excite the double coil was irrelevant and the Energy field was not subject to the inverse square law!

The coherence effect was discovered when a single signal was applied to an audio amplifier set in mono mode. The left and right channels were then applied to 2 separate coaxial coils to produce cancellation. The level of the resulting magnetic field was indeed zero but the musical effect was completely absent.

Our conjecture is that the Energy manifests from other Dimensions just as virtual particles can appear spontaneously in the vacuum of space!