DCT Coils and Pyramids

We started experimenting with DCT Coils and Pyramids over ten years ago. However, recently we have modified our equipment and made some amazing new discoveries.

The Energies we are working with don’t seem to adhere to the Laws of Physics!

● The Energy field is enormous and can easily fill a house.
● It does not obey the inverse square law and appears uniform throughout.
● The intensity Is completely independent of the source energy which is used to trigger the field.
● The Coils are sensitive to direction and position when used in conjunction with a Pyramid.

We have mounted a Pyramid as high as possible in the roof space of our house. The dimensions are a scaled down version of the Great Pyramid of Giza
(1 : 1000). This makes calculations very easy as 1m in the Egyptian Pyramid is represented by 1mm in our model. The model is made of rigid plastic and was created using a 3D printer to an accuracy of about 0.1mm. We have taken great care to make sure the base is level and the sides aligned to geographic north, south, east and west.

To date we have not found any scientific instruments that can measure the Field. The best way to detect the Energy is by listening to music. This can be from a recorded medium or by using a musical instrument such as an acoustic/electric guitar.
In some cases the Energies can be felt as a tingling sensation and occasionally results in parts of the body visibly shaking.

There are palpable differences to the perceived tone, ambience and even volume. What is curious is that we have failed to capture these differences using sophisticated recording equipment.

● Therefore the only conclusion we can come to is that the Energies do not actually change the music – they change our Consciousness!

This result was completely unexpected and made us realize we had discovered something truly amazing. If this was correct, then as well as affecting our hearing, what else might the Energy be doing? Could it help with health issues?

● Recently we discovered that Coils that were not been energized seemed to still have an effect.

We understand that their connecting wires might act as aerials that generate tiny potential differences due to ambient electromagnetic waves. Therefore all our Coils are now fitted with shorting switches.

● The effect of the Coils depends on their orientation.

When using a Pyramid the effect of the Coils is maximized when aligned north/south, geographically. If the axes lie east/west the effect seems to disappear altogether. Please note that we have yet to investigate Coils without a Pyramid!

This again was not expected but demonstrates clearly that Energies emanating from the Pyramid are directional and somehow interact with Energies created by the Coils.

● The size of the Field seems to be defined by the downward projection of the Pyramid geometry.

The Pyramid is placed as high as possible in the loft and its projection encompasses most of the first floor and the entire ground floor.

● The position of the Coils is critical.

The best orientation is to mount them horizontally and position them on the axis of the Pyramid (vertically below the apex). The further the coils deviate the more muddled the music becomes. It is almost as if the Energies are being focussed.

● We can detect interference effects when using more than one Pyramid or multiple Coils tuned to the same frequency.

We did however find that stacking Pyramids seemed to work but they had to be perfectly aligned and orientated. Our recent experiments suggest one very well constructed Pyramid is the best solution.

● The output power of our Double Coil devices are independent of the stimulating energy but do seem to be frequency dependent.

We have tried variations of input power ranging from nano Watts to hundreds of Watts. The results were the same! However, the creation of the mysterious Energy only occurs when stimulated at particular frequencies. These seem to relate to us as human beings. So frequencies that might be considered as a pollutant work, as well as the Earth’s Schumann resonance and certain musical notes.


Our current understanding (March 2024) is that the Double Coils cancel two identical electromagnetic waves that logically produce nothing. However, the nothing opens up a potential for Energy to appear from Higher Dimensions. This is not a new concept as it is often used as a model to understand various aspects of Cosmology and Quantum physics.

So much more research needed to to verify the findings above and explore new avenues. If you want to contribute to this exciting project take a look at our Therapeutic website: therapeuticresonances.com
There are detailed instructions on the DCT page for making a double coil and constructing a Feedback Machine. It also contains a Contact page.

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