Dark Energy and Dark Matter


In order to explain Dark Energy and Dark Matter we are going to assume a multidimensional Universe. Many current theories use this approach but only because the mathematics works. We are suggesting it as an absolute reality. Unfortunately our measuring apparatus is locked into the lower 3-D and therefore cannot be used in the Higher Dimensions. Science will have to look for an entirely new way to investigate these Realms.

We feel that what we are going to suggest will satisfy many people with a Religious/Spiritual leaning as well as diehard scientists.

The greatest discoveries and theories seem to have one thing in common….Elegance. Take as examples: electricity and the relationship between Matter and Energy……essentially, simple and beautiful.

For that reason we are going to start by stating that there is One Energy that pervades everything. It has no features, it is without shape and form, it is timeless and hence has no beginning and no end. It is so simple that it defies all description and is immeasurable.

However, it is not inert. It is capable of Manifestation and does that through the Realms of the lower Dimensions. Initially, this occurs as Dark Energy which pervades the whole of space in a uniform manner. From this a series of “condensations” occur with the formation of Dark Matter. This is not uniform but exists in clumps. Finally, from these dense clumps Light occurs, which later can produce and is interchangeable with matter.

This explains the structure of our physical Universe. The Dark Energy produced clumps of Dark Matter from which the Galaxies formed. This Energy is accelerating the Galaxies apart and as Space expands more Dark Energy is Manifesting. This predicts that the acceleration itself will be increasing. From the Dark Matter Light and physical matter will have formed. This would be bring about the stars, planets and of course ourselves.

Most of the 3-D Universe is considered as Dark Energy (70%) followed by Dark Matter between the stars (26%) and finally electromagnetic energies and matter (4%). We cannot detect the Dark components of our Universe, here on Earth, because they are simply not here. By that we mean that the substance of our Planet and Solar system has come from these Energies which now no longer exist. When the caterpillar eventually becomes the butterfly the caterpillar cannot be found. Please note the quoted percentages are the values generally accepted at the time of writing (2016); these we suspect will be modified in the future.

So in summary: from the Darkness comes the Light, from the Silence comes the Sound, from the Nothing comes the Something.

We are suggesting this occurs in all the lower Dimensions including the 3 lowest that we inhabit. So the Dark Energy in our Universe comes from the Light of the Dimension above which itself manifests from a higher form of dark Energy. The overall picture is therefore a cascade of Dark Energies producing Light which in turn is the Source of Dark Energy in the Dimension below.

Question: does the Energy only flow from the High to the Lower dimensions?

We infer that where densities are lower, as in intergalactic space, Manifestation of Dark Energy occurs. It would not seem too far fetched to entertain the idea that when matter becomes super-dense, as is black holes, energies could leave these set of Dimensions and move into those above. This implies an endless cycle of Energies entering and leaving our physical Universe. It leads to a model having no beginning and no end. It still allows for a Big Bang as part of a series of endless Big Bangs!

When we say, the Dimensions above and below, this is not to be taken literally. A better model is to consider all the Dimensions as interpenetrating, therefore coexisting everywhere, simultaneously. We however, are normally only aware of the lower 3 levels….

……..we predict this is all about to change!