Evolution of Consciousness

We know from science that we are evolving physically and mentally (possibly emotionally). The question we want to ask here is: are we evolving in terms of consciousness?

It is well documented that people have adopted a variety of techniques involving meditation, yoga, drugs and even diet to obtain a new perspective of the world. The results range from subtle to mind blowing and life changing.

These effects will have occurred as a result of a deliberate action. Each person will have consciously taken a decision to investigate some Path that offers a particular awakening!

In this article we are more interested in evidence of spontaneous changes that are happening, quite naturally. Through the contact page of this and other websites that we run we have noticed a number of phenomena that are occurring to ordinary people all round the World. They were not looking for anything in particular; they were just going about their daily lives in the usual way.

We realize that what we are writing is purely anecdotal but we do so to raise awareness and hope this might promote serious research.

The first phenomenon is that people are hearing high pitched sounds. They tend to be a mixture of frequencies that appear and disappear in a random way. They do not interfere with normal hearing and can be present in both quiet and loud environments. Unlike tinnitus they are pleasant and people report that they enjoy them being there as they would a friendly companion.

Secondly, people are seeing Light that is not of a physical nature. This occurs when they close their physical eyes and has nothing to do with the dream state. They report that the Light can take many forms and colours. It is generally very beautiful and leaves them feeling extremely calm and uplifted. Some have used much strong descriptions such as “a taste of Enlightenment” or “a Spiritual awakening”.

Finally, we have had many reports of birdsong being louder and more conspicuous. We have no idea if the birds are actually singing with more volume or that people are tuning in as a result of becoming more sensitive.

If as a result of reading this article you feel that something similar has happened to you, please write and let us know, using the contact page. We just want people to question and wake up to the Truth whilst keeping an open mind!