The Consciousness of the Atom


This article is written to challenge the Scientific reader to think outside the box. It will try to show a possible way to explain Consciousness by embracing the idea of a multidimensional Universe.

The whole conjecture rests on the true picture of Nature’s building blocks, the tiny atom. Although it is considered as being discrete and as a particle demonstrating individuality it also has qualities that suggest it is without boundaries. These are based on quantum mechanics and the probability density function which theoretically stretches to infinity and that of gravitational,and electromagnetic fields which also are unbounded due to their influences obeying the inverse square law.

This means that each atom although tiny is in fact “aware” of every other particle in the physical universe!

Another interesting point is that of the Pauli exclusion principle whereby each electron (possibly nucleons as well) has a unique set of quantum numbers. We might however still conclude that atoms of the same element are identical. But what if we take the idea of a multidimensional Universe literally. Atoms may seem identical at this level but when other dimensions are considered then individuality might appear.

We know that we as human beings, animals and plants exhibit forms of consciousness. That is a sense of environments and in the case of highly developed forms of life, a self awareness. We also know that all these life forms are comprised of atoms so let us take a bold step and accept for a moment that the seat of all consciousness lies within the atom itself. It is the way that the atoms are combined that give rise to the overall awareness or consciousness of a particular lifeform.

However, consciousness is not to be found at the physical level but in the Higher Dimensions. A 2-D model is a plane that cuts through 3-D space. This allows seemingly identical points to have infinite variations when projected into the 3rd dimension. By analogy, similar objects (atoms) when projected into higher dimensions could exhibit unlimited variations.

It is within these Regions that we might discover the uniqueness of every person, animal and plant. All lifeforms would demonstrate their own individuality and possibly a collective consciousness. Even microscopic structures such as crystals might have a type of consciousness. Additionally large aggregations of matter such as Planets and Stars might also exhibit Awareness!

We know that theoretical physicist use multidimensional mathematics in their attempt to describe the universe. Most don’t see this as literal but as a numerical fudge that yields the desired results. Historically, people used the idea that the Sun was the centre of our planetary system simply because it made navigational calculations easier, not because it was true. After a hundred years or so people forgot it was a fudge and accepted the heliocentric model as fact.

Maybe we will see a similar occurence with the concept of dimensions. Although they were not originally supposed to be taken literally it may dawn on us that that is exactly what we should do!