Simple Solutions


If we view a set of problems from one viewpoint they can seem extremely difficult to fathom. However, if we can change our perspective, then complexity can give way to simplicity. For example, when we consider electromagnetic energies to have wave properties, then the explanations of diffraction and interference become almost trivial.

We have written articles that address the idea of a multidimensional Universe and shown the possibility of entanglement being just a consequence of natural connection between particles through higher dimensions. We have also alluded to the idea that all matter is in fact connected in a subtle way by this mechanism. What we want to do in this article, is to show the possibility of even more solutions to the more complicated explanations of subatomic physics.

It appears that this universe contains only a very small proportion of antimatter, whereas most current cosmological theories point to the idea of an equal amount. If we invoke the idea of higher dimensions, then we can perform the following thought experiment. Take a particle, say an electron, which has mass, spin and a negative charge. Promote the electron into a higher dimension “flip it” and reintroduce it into the 3D universe. The resulting particle would be the same mass, but opposite spin and have a positive charge, in other words a positron. A positron being the antiparticle of an electron. This is analogous to taking a geometric isomer and like “Alice through the Looking Glass”, crossover and create the mirror image, then return in that reflected form. See also “The Plattner Story” by H G Wells.

So all we need to accept is that these transitions are rare (for whatever reason) and this explains why there is so little antimatter. It also perhaps suggests why, when matter and antimatter meet, the result is annihilation of opposites and matter reverts back into pure energy. In a way we can think of positrons, antiprotons and antineutron as “visitors” from another dimensions.

Another problem that Physics has wrestled with for decades, is the anomaly of alpha particle emission. When the mathematics is done the particle in question should never have sufficient energy to leave the parent nucleus. To explain the phenomenon, the “Uncertainty Principle” has to be invoked, which effectively means that “God Plays Dice” according to Albert Einstein. In other words it all comes down to the impossible actually happening, but with a probability of almost zero. What is brilliant is that this theory does actually predict the observable facts. But again we ask, is there another way of looking at exactly the same situation and coming up with a model that is simpler to accept? One that Albert himself would be happy with!

If we go back to the idea of particles moving between dimensions, then again Quantum tunnelling (as the above problem is often referred to) can be explained in a far simpler way. The alpha particle within the nucleus could crossover into a higher dimension and then return, but not necessarily in the same location as it left. The particle would find itself outside the nucleus and due to electrostatic repulsion, would be repelled at around 5% the speed of light. The event may be triggered by the occurrence of a high nucleon density (similar to black holes) through the random motion of the particles within the nucleus. It is analogous to a prisoner incarcerated in a dungeon finding a wormhole to another dimension and then returning to this World, but in another location which would obviously lie outside the prison.

The above are only ideas: there is no mathematics and no experimental evidence; however, when a solution is seen as simple it is often found to be worth pursuing.