Dimensions and Time

  The following article is inspired by pure conjecture, but has been written to help create new ideas and perhaps stimulate more people to take an Interest in the ultimate questions regarding the energies and structure of our Universe and beyond!   It will touch on many theories already postulated and add a few of its own.   Most theories of… Read more →

The Double Coil Technology

  The Double Coil Technology centres on the discovery that if two coherent electrical signals are annihilated by means of superposition, then a mysterious form of energy seems to appear.  This article describes how to set up the apparatus,  outlines some of the experiments we have conducted,  lists our findings and suggests a possible theory as to the origin of… Read more →

Measurements of Microwave Radiation

  Many articles have been written claiming that exposure to microwaves is harmful.  Sources such as mobile phones and WiFi have been blamed for negative behaviour in children and health related issues in adults.  However, there seems to be a lack of information stating the actual energy levels associated with the offending sources. What we want to achieve in this article… Read more →

The Great Pyramid

  Much has been written about the Great Pyramid and many claims made as to what it was built for and the various properties it might possess.  This information is readily available in a multitude of books and on the internet;  the claims range from the possible, to the improbable, and in many cases merely add to the mystery itself.… Read more →

EMF Project

Using the technology of the double coil outlined on the “Machine Construction” page we have developed a simple device that we think will combat the harmful effects of high frequency radiation used by devices such as WiFi and Mobile Phones.  These transmissions lie in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum and a growing body of scientific evidence suggests that… Read more →