The Great Pyramid

GPMuch has been written about the Great Pyramid and many claims made as to what it was built for and the various properties it might possess.  This information is readily available in a multitude of books and on the internet;  the claims range from the possible, to the improbable, and in many cases merely add to the mystery itself.  The object of this article is to state clearly what we have personally discovered and give clear instructions to enable others to verify our findings and to point the way to further discoveries.  We will always indicate honestly the difference between quantifiable information and inspired conjecture.   We challenge anyone with a thirst for scientific knowledge, to either verify the work already undertaken, or push the boundaries still further and unlock more of the profound secrets that have remained hidden within this magnificent structure, for the past four and a half thousand years.


Some facts:

1)  The pyramid is aligned almost perfectly with sides running geographically North-South & East-West.

2)  The base is almost perfectly horizontal.

3)  The height at best estimate is 147 metres;  this would include the capstone when it was in place.

4)  The mean length of a side of the base is 230.9 metres.

5)  The structure contains 3 sizable chambers the King’s, the Queen’s and the Subterranean.

6)  Music used be tuned to frequencies around 432 Hz for the “A” above middle “C”; today it is standardised to 440 Hz.

7)  Constant numbers or ratios in Nature are
•  Pi  =  3.141592654  the number of circles and spheres.
•  phi =  1.618033989  the golden mean reflecting beauty.
 e  =  2.718281828  the number of growth and decay.

8)  The base of the pyramid is actually octagonal.

9)  The fundamental electromagnetic frequency of the Earth’s atmospheric cavity is a mean of 7.83 Hz and is known as the Schumann Resonance.

With the mathematics we are about to unfold it does not matter what units the Egyptians used to measure with;  what is important are the ratios and proportions.  These will always be the same whatever the units.  So with the base and height measurements the base to height ratio is 1.570748299:1.  Also the frequency measurements (above) which are based on the second (a precise fraction of the Earth’s rotational period) are in a mathematical ratio of 55.17241379:1.

It seems that with the Great Pyramid the Egyptians reached the pinnacle of such building endeavours and simply ‘got it right’ through a method of trial and improvement just as engineers do today.  What was important, was the shape embodying specific angles, that would demonstrate particular proportions with spectacular accuracy. The pyramid offers a key which unlocks information about a series of seemingly unconnected energies and then produces as a result, an energy of its own!
The Connections

All the calculations below are based on the data above and results given to 10 figure accuracy.  Errors have been shown to indicate deviations from theoretical perfect values.  We don’t want to be accused of ‘fudging results.’

It is well known that the Great Pyramid embodied the number ‘Pi.’   If the height represents the radius of a circle and the perimeter of the base the circumference, a value of  3.141496599 is obtained which is accurate to within 0.003%.
GP8The distance from the mid point of a side to the apex is calculated as 186.9162981 metres.
Twice this number divided by the base measurement turns out to be 1.619023803.   This approximates to ‘Phi’ to within 0.06% accuracy.   At first inspection it seems that the dimensions have been chosen to produce a good approximation between the two constants. That is until you notice that the pyramid is in fact octagonal;  each face is slightly concave (see photo).  The best measurement for the indent is around 0.20 metres.  This leads to a revised calculation for ‘Phi’ as 1.617954379  giving a much better accuracy of 0.005%.

The fact that the base is octagonal and consequently gives near perfect values for both ‘Pi’ and ‘Phi’,  suggests strongly that the chosen dimensions were critical to the design and its ultimate purpose.  Both values had to be demonstrated as accurately as possible;  a simple compromise was not good enough!

Two seemingly unconnected pieces of data, stated above, relate to vibrational frequencies.   One is the Schumann frequency;  this is the natural frequency of the Earth’s atmospheric cavity, which is continuously being excited by lightning.  The other is the natural frequency to which music was tuned to;  that being 432 Hz until it was increased to 440 Hz in the 1930’s.   (listen to youtube clip)

This gives rise to a series of octaves giving the first note on the piano as 27 Hz followed by 54 Hz, 108 Hz, 216 Hz, 432 Hz and so on;  each note being an ‘A.’


Is there a connection between the Schumann frequency and music?

Did the Egyptians know this and incorporate this knowledge into the Great Pyramid?

Why was 432Hz adopted?


432Hz had to come about through simply what felt right. People living on this Planet may have been sensitive to the Schumann field (and may still be).  This could have played a critical role in determining what sounded right in terms of musical scales and points towards a subtle harmony between human beings and the Planet they inhabit.

We have discovered a curious mathematical connection between seemingly unconnected parameters. If you start with the Schumann frequency 7.83 Hz and multiply by the 3 natural constants ‘Pi’, ‘Phi’ and ‘e’ you arrive at 108.1916532 Hz. Schumann is generally only quoted as a 3 figure mean due to it fluctuating on a daily basis.

Therefore a 3 figure value of 108 Hz would be a suitable accuracy and lands perfectly on an ‘A.’   Whether the Egyptians were fully conscious of this connection is largely irrelevant; what is important is the geometry of the Great Pyramid, the Schumann frequency and Musical scales seem to demonstrate a beautiful unification inherent within Nature.

What follows is a series of facts coupled with inspired conjectures that are necessary in order to formulate ideas that lead to modern day constructions and a series of repeatable and quantifiable experiments.


1)  The Great Pyramid sits within a very weak Schumann field produced by the Earth.

2)  The geometry of the enormous structure embodies natural constants with a phenomenal accuracy.

3)  The subterranean chamber was designed to tap into groundwater (conjecture).

4)  The King’s and Queen’s chambers are incredibly resonant.

5)  These chambers were excited using sound created by human voices and/or musical instruments        (conjecture).


Modern Day Construction

Take one house…….

1)  Construct, as accurately as possible, a small model of the Great Pyramid out of cardboard.  Place the pyramid in the loft as high as possible, level and set with sides running North-South, East-West.

2)  Assemble a double coil machine (see article on Double Coil Technology) and set to 7.83 Hz and place directly below the pyramid, also in the loft.

3) Lift a few floorboards on the ground floor and introduce a quantity of deionized water (25 litres works well),  again directly below the pyramid.

Depending on the number of floors this will give you positions similar to that of the upper two chambers, in which to conduct experiments and at the same time live in ‘the Great Pyramid.’

What we have achieved is to swap a large pyramid for a small one but compensate by introducing a powerful Schumann Resonance thus creating conditions that are possibly similar to those existing 4500 years ago.


The above construction sets up an enormous ‘force field.’  Imagine the small cardboard pyramid as the capstone of a much larger structure, which exists as a downward projection of itself encapsulating the whole house.   Referring to our work on the Double Coil Technology, the pyramid seems to act as an amplifier by concentrating the energies created.

You can still get an effect without the Schumann frequency being generated, as the pyramid still sits within the Earth’s natural field. However, when the pyramid, Schumann generator and water are brought together something ‘magical’ happens.

Initially the energy may take a little getting used to but after a few days you will acclimatize and notice a sense of peace and stillness. You will also find something is missing when you spend long periods of time away.

Please refer to our article on the double coil technology for experiments involving music, sleep and energy levels.

Additionally we have discovered that certain frequencies can be used in conjunction with, or instead of, the Schumann to address energetic imbalances in human beings.

When the correct remedy is applied it will generally be coupled with a profound sense of ease and general wellbeing.  If the symptoms change, merely switch to a different frequency.

Obviously one would  be subjected to the energies while in the house but this is limiting, so we created another, more convenient, system.   Simply placing a bottle of water close to the coil(s) for a few hours seemed to produce a medicinal imprint that lasted up to a month.  The water could then be sprayed or taken a few drops at a time directly into the mouth.

Note:  we used still drinking water and added a couple of drops of alcohol to prevent bacterial growth.

We feel that we are at the very beginning of a vast field of enquiry, that centres on an ancient technology.  By bringing it into the modern world by means of electronics the opportunity exists to replicate the work of the Egyptians and even transcend it!

We wish all those who embrace this project, to enhance the lives of people living on this Planet, the very best of:

Luck, Inspiration and Joy.