One of the greatest mysteries of all is the pouring forth of new scientific ideas from the human mind. Do they come about by the process of extrapolating previous knowledge, or are they a consequence of “divine” inspiration? When a discovery is made in a particular field of science it is not uncommon to find a number of people, spread around the world, having simultaneously pursued the same line of research. Each would have worked quite independently and totally ignorant of the other researchers.



It has been shown that if an animal of a particular species is taught a trick then if other members of that species, living in other parts of the world, are taught the same trick they seem to learn it significantly faster.

This evidence suggests that we are in some subtle way connected by energies that remain as yet undiscovered.

Whatever the explanation the purpose of this website is to provide an outlet for new ideas that have appeared from beyond the accepted boundaries of science. By sharing this knowledge, it may resonate and inspire others to undertake serious research, which could lead to the formulation of new theories and discoveries. These in turn could reshape our technology and challenge the existing models proposed by modern science.

If we look at what was held to be true 50 years ago and compare it with today’s teachings, so much has been dramatically changed and in some cases proved to be completely false. Therefore, as true scientists, we should keep a perfectly open mind and consider intelligently any fresh ideas laid before us and not reject them without fair consideration. Many of our accepted scientific theories such as plate tectonics, quantum mechanics and dark energy, at the time of inception would have been considered ridiculous. It was only the genius, tenacity and bravery of the people who dared to suggest the improbable that has enabled science to make such amazing advances.
Portrait de LĀŽonard de Vinci (1452 - 1519) (Leonardo da Vinci)

This website is dedicated to all those who think outside the box.