The Double Coil Technology


The Double Coil Technology centres on the discovery that if two coherent electrical signals are annihilated by means of superposition, then a mysterious form of energy seems to appear.  This article describes how to set up the apparatus,  outlines some of the experiments we have conducted,  lists our findings and suggests a possible theory as to the origin of this new energy.


Constructing a Double Coil Machine

To create the double coil take a piece of resistance wire and fold it exactly in two.  Starting with the loop end wind onto a ferrite rod,  as neatly as possible,  thus creating effectively two coils in series,  one wound clockwise the other anticlockwise.   Alternatively, you can purchase a toroidal transformer with a pair of matching primary or secondary turns.  Matching primary coils are common as they are usually designed for 0V – 115V – 230V;  merely connect the two 0V – 115V coils in series paying particular attention to direction.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to pass d.c. through the combination and check for magnetism:  when connected incorrectly the magnetism from each coil will add and be detected with a simple plotting compass;  when connected correctly the magnetic fields will cancel and no field will result.

Next, a suitable Signal Generator will need to be sourced.  Pay particular attention to impedance matching.  If you wind the coil yourself we would recommend using constantan resistance wire. By using 3.2 metres of  36 SWG wire and folding as recommended, it becomes effectively 1.6 metres which when wound onto the ferrite rod will have a minimum impedance of around 50 Ohms.  This value matches a whole range of Signal Generators that are available from the Far East.  If you opt for the transformer based coil, again impedance matching is important and we would suggest a model with 2x 3.2 Ohm windings;  this will give a total of 6.4 Ohms and match most Power Signal Generators.  They usually have two outputs:  one of 600 Ohms and the other around 6 Ohms which will provide an excellent match.

All that remains is to connect the double coil to the Signal Generator.   Resistance wire it is often coated with an insulation which will need to be removed (fine sandpaper works well).  Connecting the coil using a terminal block will make it easy to check for continuity using a simple Ohmmeter (found on most multimeters).  Set the coil horizontally;  if a toroid is used the coils should also be horizontal by setting the axis of the toroid vertically.  We find for best results the device should operate at least a metre from the ground.  The best place would be in the centre of a building as high as possible such as the first floor or even the loft.

Finally, a frequency and power output need to be chosen.  We have only experimented with sinusoidal outputs but most signal generators offer square and triangular waves as well.  Using the impedance values above most generators can be used at full output;  just be careful of coils overheating or generators burning out.  You may need to check power values by doing the appropriate maths.  With the generators having impedance of 50 Ohms we use maximum output (sine wave) without any difficulty.  When using transformers with Power Generators, we usually run at around 3 – 4 Watts, again without any problems.


Suggested Experiments

1)  The first experiment we ever attempted was using the Schumann frequency.  This is a natural frequency found in the cavity of the Earth’s atmosphere and has a fundamental with a daily average of around 7.83 Hz.  We used a power Signal Generator operating at around 3 Watts (sine wave) into a toroidal transformer. The first observation was the
affect the  generated field had on sound, particularly music.  The energy seemed to give a “sweetness” to the music which made it easier to listen to over long periods of time.  It gave a greater depth to the bass as if a lower octave had been added which resulted in a “warmer” sound.  The notes seemed to sustain longer as if a reverb unit had been added, and finally when listening to Hi-Fi recordings they seemed far more 3-D with greater space between instruments. 

The effect was noted with recorded music,  guitars using both transistor and valve amplification,  an electronic piano and finally a whole host of acoustic guitars.  We would challenge any music studio to implement one of these machines to investigate whether they enhanced their recordings.

2)  There are harmonics related to the Schumann resonance at 14.1 Hz, 20.3 Hz, 26.4 Hz and 32.4 Hz. It would be interesting to try these instead of, or perhaps together with the fundamental.  Two coils could be used together with two generators or by using a Dual Signal Generator.   When using toroidal coils we generally stack them to give a common vertical axis.                    

3)  Our homes and work environments are generally polluted with Magnetic Energies from the mains;  these operate at either 50 or 60Hz depending on the country we live in.  All electrical devices if connected to the mains will also emit these waves, in particular those with power supplies containing powerful transformers.  Some people live close to power lines and they will be constantly bombarded with these radiations;  guitars with single coil pick-ups will produce a low frequency hum and are a simple and effective way of detecting these emissions.  Alternatively Electrosmog meters can be used; they will detect both magnetic and electromagnetic pollution. The double coil could be set to match the mains frequency and any effects noted.

4)  The world is now polluted with microwaves from mobile phone networks and WiFi.  There are also many other household devices which emit and receive these frequencies.  These include cordless phones,  baby monitors and smart meters. 
The level of radiation we are subjected to depends on many factors:  the number of appliances, the intrinsic power of each device, our distance from the device and the presence of any absorbing mediums such as brick walls.  The quantity of radiation we absorb is then a function of the time we spend in the radiative field.  Most of the frequencies lie in the GHz range  and as yet we have not conducted any experiments in this region; one reason being that the oscillators are very expensive.     

For more information about the levels of microwave radiation emanating from household objects see the related article: Measurements of Microwave Radiation.



As mentioned above, when correctly set up the energy field emitted by the double coil can enhance recorded music and sound emanating from musical instruments both electric and acoustic.  We would also suggest other possible benefits from creating such fields:


1)  Sleeping times may be reduced and be of a better quality.

2)  The required doses of some medicinal drugs diminished significantly over a few weeks.

3)  General resistance to common illnesses tended to be boosted.

4)  Thinking processes seemed much clearer and sharper.

5)   Energy levels were generally higher coupled with a heightened sense of well-being.


The above are indications that are based on purely anecdotal evidence but we have to start somewhere.  Help us create a body of data which will compel serious scientific research.   We feel that there is an amazing wealth of knowledge and great benefit that can be gained by unlocking the full potential of these simple yet profound devices.


Our findings so far are as follows:

1)  The generated energy seems to be a resonant field.   This is based on the observation that it takes roughly 30 seconds or so to build to a maximum level but decays instantly when the generator is turned off.

2)  The intensity of the field does not obey the inverse square law but seems uniform throughout the space investigated. The limits of the field and variations in intensity at the field boundaries have not been properly accessed.  The size of the energized region is at least as big as the dimensions of a house.

3)  While the coil can produce the field in any orientation it works best when the axis is horizontal.   If a toroidal coil is used the coil should be horizontal by setting the axis of the toroid vertically.

4)  Variations in power output of the signal generator have very little effect on the intensity of the field:  again this confirms the conjecture that we are dealing with a resonance.

5)  Placement of the coil for maximum effect should be away from the Earth’s surface:  the higher the better.  When conducting experiments in a house the ultimate position for the coil(s) seems to be in the loft.  When testing  a musical 

instrument on the ground floor the effects are more clearly perceived when the coil is many metres above the instrument than right next to it!

6)  A few people have reported being able to physically sense the energy (around 1-2%).  This was felt as a tingling sensation or in one case a type of meditative state.  In the second case the person was able to sense the Schumann resonance and guide the tuning to 7.83 Hz blindfolded.  Their ability to perform the tuning was more accurate than the digital display which consistently read 7.78Hz due to calibration error!   At the time of the experiment the subject had no idea of what a Schumann resonance was or that the generator was in error (the frequency display was hidden from them at all times during the experiments).

7)  Not everybody can hear the differences that the field makes to music.  Without exception all musicians tested could detect the difference.  People who failed to sense the field were all teenagers and represented less than 5% of the sample. 

Many teenagers, however, were able to detect the field, some with incredible sensitivity;  one could even detect the timbre of a voice changing. (Sample size 143 as of 15th August 2022)

8)  When using two coils in a toroidal transformer we split the output from a signal generator and amplified the signal using a HiFi amplifier.  The signal from the left channel was passed through one coil and the signal from the right channel through the other coil. The result was that the magnetic fields cancelled but we failed to create the “special” field.  It seems that it is not just a question of equal currents but of identical electromagnetic waves travelling in opposite directions demonstrating perfect coherence.



At the time of writing (August 2022) there is no scientifically accepted theory as to the nature of the energy field created by the double coil technology.  We find ourselves in the same position as the early pioneers of electricity, radioactivity and X-rays;  we can detect effects but have no real understanding of the cause or full potential of the energies.  This is where a degree of acceptance is required, along with a strong and unwavering devotion to truth.   We need people with scientific minds to conduct repeatable quantitative experiments to verify the properties of these energies and to develop theories as to their nature and origin.  Possible avenues of research might be along the lines of scalar waves.  These are a theoretical consequence of Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism and are predicted to be longitudinal in nature.  Another possibility, and far more exciting, is that by cancelling two electromagnetic waves we have created a “vacuum” similar to the conditions in outer space where the origins of “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” may lie.  This would suggest that we are tapping into an energy source situated in higher dimensions.

One final point:  It seems that when there are new scientific discoveries, their first use is often in the development of some horrific weaponry;  please let us see this energy as a “gift” that we thankfully accept and use only to nourish and enrich the lives of all people living on this beautiful planet.   



Wire:  36 SWG constantan resistance wire

Ferrite Rods:  100mm x 10mm

Ferrite Toroids: Laird/steward 35mm ferrite core toroid

Toroidal Transformers: 250va Toroidal 2x40v  MCTA250/40

Dual Signal Generator: 10MHz Dual Channel DDS Function Signal Generator

Power Signal Generator: Philip Harris, Griffin, Unilab

Electrosmog Meter: Cornet Electrosmog ED78S