Dimensions and Time


The following article is inspired by pure conjecture, but has been written to help create new ideas and perhaps stimulate more people to take an Interest in the ultimate questions regarding the energies and structure of our Universe and beyond!   It will touch on many theories already postulated and add a few of its own.  

Most theories of cosmology point towards a multi-dimensional universe,  the 3 physical ones and 6,7 or 8 further dimensions.  These further dimensions must contain energy, but what is the nature of this energy?  Everything can be considered as energy characterised by a particular frequency or series of frequencies.  With light and other energies of an electromagnetic nature this is fairly obvious, but with matter it only becomes apparent when we look at things at a microscopic level and delve into the quantum world.  Here we find solidity is only an illusion and matter, as Albert Einstein so beautifully put it, is nothing more than ” Frozen Light”.  Mass can be seen simply as a quality of matter that is affected by gravity and resists acceleration;  charge is another quality that merely demonstrates attraction and repulsion.  Therefore, everything can simply be understood as an energy which demonstrates a particular set of characteristics.

If we are to consider other dimensions, we might suggest a model that reflects our observations in the 3 that we are already familiar with.   We also need to explain why we are generally unaware of their existence.  A simple hypothesis worth considering,  is that the energies in these dimensions operate at a much higher set of frequencies and that we are generally not attuned to them.   We mention the word generally, because a few people, through innate sensitivity or a practice such as meditation may claim to have had experience of regions permeated with the vibrations of higher dimensions.  Just because their observations cannot be recorded or quantified does not mean we should ignore them.  It may be that they can corroborate our theories and even point us in the right direction.  

When we consider our senses, in the light of modern science,  their limitations become obvious.  For example:  we are bombarded with all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum and yet can only directly sense two of the seven energies, namely light with our eyes and heat with our skin.  The other five energies remain completely invisible and undetected.  It is also the same with sound,  low frequency and very high frequency sounds are simply not detected.  In conclusion we personally are only aware of a small fraction of the energies that populate the 3-D universe that we inhabit.  Science however has discovered a whole new set of energies such as radio waves, X-rays and ultrasound and has produced instrumentation that has enabled us to appreciate a greater spectrum of vibrational frequencies that surround us.

An instrument we have all been equipped with is our brain of which we only seem to use a small fraction.   Maybe this is a means by which we can explore the hidden dimensions.   Our brains may evolve over a long period of time or possibly be employed in some form of transcendental meditation.  Some people, when speaking of consciousness would suggest that the brain is not the source, but only plays a part in the process of awareness.   Whatever the answer, there lies here a potential that could unlock some of the mysteries of the invisible dimensions.  One observation that may support this argument is that more and more people seem to be developing a sensitivity to microwave radiation.  

It is often considered that the other dimensions are higher and are somehow stacked on top of the lower three.   As the lower three are clearly not stacked it would be perhaps a better model to consider all the dimensions interpenetrating each other.  


This means all the dimensions exist simultaneously, everywhere.


We would further suggest much higher vibrational energies permeate these regions and that is why our instruments made from 3-D matter cannot detect them.  It is similar to the problem of using light to see atoms and molecules.  It simply cannot be done;  we need to employ energies of a much higher frequency such as X-rays or electrons.

There is evidence that there exists a flow of energy between the lower and higher dimensions.   The universe is not static but in a constant state of flux.   Black holes are the best examples of mechanisms that remove energies from the lower dimensions, and perhaps promote them to higher ones.  Once energy/matter has crossed the event horizon it has gone forever from the 3-D universe.  Space itself and by this we refer to the “nothingness” that opens up as the universe expands, seems to be the source of an incredible energy capable of accelerating galaxies.  This energy is so large it makes even nuclear energy look insignificant by comparison.  It is sometimes referred to as “dark energy”  which may be responsible for creating “dark matter”, which forms the greater part of the known universe.  The source of this energy would therefore reside in the higher dimensions.  We would draw the attention of the reader at this point to the article about “The Double Coil Technology”.  We are suggesting that by annihilating two electromagnetic waves we can create a conduit to the higher dimensions through which a new mysterious type of energy flows.  This may be a form of “dark energy” and will be an exciting source of innumerable experiments in the foreseeable future.

Energy appears in quanta (tiny packets) and is linked to its frequency through the equation E = hf.  This simply means that energy is proportional to frequency:  if you double the frequency you double the energy.   So if the energy levels are much higher in the other dimensions, the frequencies associated with them must also be higher.   So high that it is impossible to detect them at this level as stated before.

Therein lies a problem:  if the frequencies are so different between dimensions how can energy move between them?   The answer is that the frequencies are modified as they cross the dimensional interfaces.  In the black holes they are dramatically increased, while in the vacuum of space (or within the double coil) they are slowed down.  The mechanism responsible for these changes is simply time.   Time as we know it probably does not exist in the higher dimensions, but is paramount to our existence in the lower three.   Without it the high frequency energies from the invisible dimensions would enter our universe and the result would be catastrophic.  They would destroy everything they touch, not just matter but electromagnetic energy as well.  As an analogy it is similar to the effect of a high powered laser beam on a physical target:  the structure would be totally vapourized.   However, the nature of time could transform the harmful high frequencies and produce instead a set of lower frequencies that are within the range that already exist in our 3-D universe.  This would allow Dark energy and dark matter to “live in harmony” with the more familiar energies and material that surround us.  Conversely, when energies leave our 3-D universe and are promoted to higher levels, time works in reverse and increases the frequencies to match that of the higher dimensions.

As a working model, imagine two vehicles moving in a straight line, one travelling much faster than the other.  Obviously the faster one would arrive at a particular destination first.   But if the faster one was forced to move in a spiral, it would still make progress but at a slower rate.   It could then be contrived for both vehicles to arrive at their destinations simultaneously by controlling the spiralling frequency.  This is true of electromagnetic energy:  the higher the energy of each photon the greater the frequency but the velocity (through a vacuum) remains constant.  Thus, in this way time would be responsible for organizing the relationship between energy and frequency.

This is why there has to be a “speed limit” in our universe as pointed out by Einstein.  Nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.  If there was no speed limit, as with our road and train systems, the results would be disastrous.   This would suggest that each dimension would have its own speed limit, with the higher ones faster than the lower ones.  One could then postulate that the highest dimension of all could demonstrate infinite speed.


“Nothing can be faster than that which is found Everywhere”.